Commercial Auto Insurance

Provides special coverage for your commercial cars and trucks (business use of vehicles) that Private Passenger insurance policies do not cover. Work related accidents happen- it’s a simple but true fact. Contractors insurance through TargetInsurance Services will ensure that you protect yourself, your business, and your employees. Providingloyal & dependable customer service, competitive rates, and varied services; Target Insurance is yournumber one source for California liability insurance, contractors insurance, general liability insurance, and commercial auto insurance services…just to name a few.

What is Commercial Auto insurance?

Commercial Auto insurance protects your business and your employees from any auto related accidentthat may possibly occur. In case of an accident, your business is liable for any physical damage and it isimperative to have commercial auto insurance to protect the safety and future of your employees aswell as your business.

Target Insurance Services provides a variety of contractor auto insurance for any company-ownedtrucks, cars, trailers, and many other types of vehicles. Our services and custom packages can providecollision coverage, medical, liability, and much more.

Why would I need Commercial Auto coverage?

Target’s Commercial Auto provides specific coverage for your business’ commercial cars and trucksthat Private Passenger insurance policies simply do not cover. Whether commercial vehicle use is toprovide employee transportation or mobility of work related products and equipment, vehicles cannotbe operated without commercial auto insurance.

Target Insurance Services understands a company may have a varied of special needs, that’s why we willhelp you develop the right coverage package for you.